Vanna Cranking & Driving the Coronet in Cuffed Boots, 2 of 2

Vanna Cranking & Driving the Coronet in Cuffed Boots, 2 of 2

April 1st, 2012

Part 2 continues with Vanna driving around in the Coronet.  She does get to experience the old Dodge conking out on her while turning around but she handles it with grace and manages to get it running again.  We drive some more and then head back to the house where she parks it in it’s nest and that’s that.

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  1. Vanna Mixed In The Coronet / Cuffed Black Boots/ First Video She Did / Clip 2 Of 2

    As we continue from clip one Vanna is still driving shes not going that fast 25 mph 30 mph at the most. Vanna stops at a stop sign she makes a right turn she drives down a street she doesn’t go that far when she turns into someones driveway she backs the Coronet up she puts th gearshift in drive she probably doesn’t get no more then thirty or forty feet down the road when the engine stalls on Vanna.

    Vanna puts the gearshift in park she pumps the gas pedal a few times the engine sputters she pumps the gas pedal about five or six times the engine sputters again, the camera switches from the footwell cam to the one mounted on the dashboard now Vanna is cranking and pumping with a little sputtering and teasing from the engine it takes Vanna a little over a minute with cranking and pumping to get the engine to start after getting the engine running she heads back to the house.

    With the camera switching back and forth as much as it did at least two maybe three times at the most it probably didn’t take Vanna no more then thirty or forty seconds too get the Coronet started again. The Coronet stalling the way that it did it didn’t seem to phase Vanna at all she took it all in stride she has a big smile on her face as shes driving back to the house.

    Vanna turns the Coronet into the driveway back at the house she parks the Coronet where Shish wants it parked as the PTP copyright logo pops up on the screen Vanna’s right foot is on the brake pedal she shuts off the engine. The End.

    Vanna you did a great cranking and driving two part series when the Coronet died on not once but twice you didn’t let it get to you, you kept at it until you got the Coronet started. Shish your camera work great good work all!!!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

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