Vassanta Aggressive Driving the Monte Carlo – 2 of 3

Vassanta Aggressive Driving the Monte Carlo – 2 of 3

July 21st, 2012

Vassanta takes you on a fun afternoon drive in the Monte Carlo.  She’s got this sexy tight sweater dress on that goes well with her brown leather gloves and boots, both of which were submitted by a fan!  She’s also wearing some sheer pantyhose that reflect off the bright sun peaking through the trees as she drives the twisty country roads.  She puts the leather boot to pedal, driving as fast as traffic and the roads will allow.  She’s not afraid to punch the gas either.  Not much is said other than a grumble or two about the slow people in front of her.  Not much needs to be said, she’s just out for a drive.

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  1. Vassanta Driving The Monte-Carlo / Brown Leather Boots / Clip 2 Of 3 MP4 HD / PIP

    As we continue from clip one Vassanta is still driving she tries to go fast when she can that’s easier said then done, shes driving on a two lane road the speed limit is 25 mph. When Vassanta tries to open it up either there’s a slowpoke in front of her or she gets behind an 18 wheel semi towing a huge earth mover.

    Vassanta gets a little bit frustrated, after a wile she heads back in the general direction of the house too see if she has better luck, she doesn’t she tries to go faster just when shes about to got fast two puppies are playing in the road in front of her she slows down so she doesn’t run over them. After the puppies get off the road Vassanta says ” What you got to be kidding me ! —- Get out hello oh my god puppy ! F#cking slow drivers and puppies what next!

    As Vassanta tries to go fast shes not to happy if its not puppies on the road playing or semi truck towing a heavy load or some slowpoke that takes there sweet time driving like grandma Moses Vassanta can’t seem to get a brake, the only thing she can do is keep trying.

    As the PTP copyright logo pops up on the screen Vassanta is still trying to go fast. Shish will point the camera out the windshield every now and then. What will clip three bring us? Will Vassanta get to go fast in the Monte-Carlo? We will have to wait and find out until then pleasant dreams. 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

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