Vassanta Crank & Rev the Coronet in Sheer Hose & Pumps, 2 of 2

Vassanta Crank & Rev the Coronet in Sheer Hose & Pumps, 2 of 2

November 7th, 2012

Vassanta has a short-n-sexy blue dress on and matched some shiny pumps and sheer tan pantyhose to go with it.  She’s taking the Coronet to go out tonight but the car is being difficult.  She starts out calm and mellow but her frustration gets the best of her.  She starts pumping the gas more aggressively, demanding the car to start.  In this part, she slips off her shoe to do some pedal pumping in her nylon clad feet with some good close-ups.
Lots of close-up angles of her feet, legs, thighs and chest as she’s working the problem.

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  1. Vassanta Crank & Rev The Coronet In SheerHose & Black Stiletto Pumps / Clip 2 Of 2

    As we continue clip one Vassanta is still trying to get the Coronet to start she cranks and pumps the gas pedal. With each turn the ignition key the battery gets weaker, the battery almost dies. Vassanta stops cranking for a few seconds.

    Vassanta says” I’m going to be late.” She tries again the battery is just about dead, she tries one more time the engine comes to life she gives the engine a good revving, revving it good and loud, the mistake she made was she let off the gas and the engine died on her.

    Vassanta turns the ignition key the engine starts right up, she goes back to giving the engine a good loud revving. Shish pans the camera from her head all the way down to her feet, he also gets video of Vassanta’s dress up around her cleavage he pans the camera down to her thighs as shes revving the engine. Vassanta doesn’t rev the engine to long before it dies on her again she goes back to cranking and pumping.

    This frustrates Vassanta she wants to go out on the town she wants to show off her blue dress, and this piece of crap car wont stay running, she gets it started back up she revs it really good the engine dies again she goes back to cranking and pumping, with all that pumping of the gas pedal Vassanta right foot is beginning to hurt she takes off her right black patent leather pump showing her barefoot in her pantyhose.

    Vassanta is now cranking and pumping with her right shoe off, the engine sputters one time she gets it to start for a few seconds before it dies again. Shish is getting some really good closeups of Vassanta’s right foot as shes pumping the gas pedal. It looks like shes not going out on the town after-all. With each turn of the ignition key the battery gets weaker as shes cranking and pumping the gas pedal.

    This time the battery is dead. Vassanta pleads with the Coronet as shes turns the ignition key, it does no good, she gives up. Vassanta takes the keys out of the ignition she puts her right shoe back on her foot.

    As the PTP copyright logo pops up on the screen. Vassanta opens the door to get out and go back in the house. The End.

    Vassanta you did a great two crank and rev series, your feet in those black patent leather stiletto pumps your feet look sexy in them. Shish your camera work as always great good work all!!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

  2. Analyzing both parts of the vid here. Vassanta was simply a joy to watch as I every time she did start the Dodge I was rooting for it to stall out requiring more cranking efforts on this beautiful lady’s part.

    I am an individual who prefers heel/toe pedal pumping and Vassanta displayed this style throughout the vid. In addition at points Vassanta was pumping the gas pedal at an almost unbelievable pace, almost impossible to count if you were trying to keep up. It was as if Vassanta thought the faster that she pumped the gas pedal, the better her odds she would get the car started. And she did, only to have the Dodge stall out on her time and time again. Again this rapid pedal pumping can only be accomplished by leaving the heel of one’s foot on the floorboard and the model pumping the gas pedal more with her toes.

    I don’t know if the following was intentionally done on Vassanta’s part or not but I found it totally arousing, and wish that more models would do it. Vassanta liked to do all sort of things to her legs with the fingers of her hands, even as she was cranking the car. Stroking, rubbing and massaging both pantyhose-encased legs with her fingers only drew one’s eyes on her legs. At one point midway through Part I, Vassanta placed her left hand on top of her right knee bobbing up and down as she was rapidly pumping the gas pedal.

    Shish, again the camera work was like nothing seen anywhere else. In Part I you gave the viewer a look from above Vassanta, focusing in solely on her legs from what appeared to be a scant few inches above as she cranked the car, right leg bobbing up and down like a piston in sync with her pumping the gas pedal.

    Near the 2nd half of Part II as Vassanta,her right foot sore and uncomfortable in her black patent pumps took it off to work the gas in her bare nylon foot. The camera placement focused in on her right foot only as Vassanta continued to not be shy about rapidly pumping the gas pedal. The young lady, in the old Wild West Days of the late 1800’s would have been called “the fastest right foot in the business” when it comes to pedal pumping.

    Great job to both Vassanta and Shish. I would have loved to have seen you claim final victory over the Coronet Vassanta and be able to go to the meeting that were heading off to. Only the car’s battery had other ideas finally dying out on you.

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