Veronica is the only model (I believe) to still be working with us AND has done videos in every Cadillac we’ve owned…besides Scarlet, of course. She was the one who killed the first Cadillac by getting it a little stuck and burning up the transmission. Ironically, she got stuck in the second Cadillac also but wasn’t the one who killed it.
Now, she gets her first crack at our latest Cadillac. It’s a stubborn one and doesn’t start up easily. She’s got a pair of brown boots over jeans and they haven’t been worn in quite some time as they’re a little dusty. Didn’t notice that till I was editing the video…oops! But she gets the car started and revs it up while she primps a little. It’s hot out and she’s starting to sweat but she gotta keep that hair on point, yo!!