Vika ‘Learning the Stick’ in the GTA in Reebok Sneakers, 4 of 6

Vika ‘Learning the Stick’ in the GTA in Reebok Sneakers, 4 of 6

May 28th, 2017

Her lessons continue and she’s getting confident enough to hit the main road except she stalls a lot, slows up traffic and stalls some more! Lots of foot work in those white Reebok Princess sneakers!

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  1. Vika Crank Rev & Drive The Renault Re-Learning How To Drive A Stick-Shift / White Princess Reebok Sneakers / Clip 4 Of 6

    As we continue from clip three Vika is getting a few more pointers from Shish before she restarts the engine. Vika is having a hard time getting the engine restarted. Shish tells her not to pump the gas pedal too fast to give the gas pedal a slow pump as she cranks the engine, it takes Vika close to a minute to get the engine restarted, she feels confident to leave the parking lot and go out on the street and see if she can drive in traffic. The problem is she keeps shifting into third gear the engine stalls on her about three or four times.

    The engine is being a little bit temperamental it sputters a few times she gets the engine restarted she manages to get to the end of the parking lot, traffic is a little bit heavy she has to wait before she can make a left turn. Vika forgets to shift into first she shifts into third gear instead, she almost completes her turns. Shish tells her to let the car coast and pull over to the right side of the road the Renault is in the right turn lane, good thing for her there are no cars behind them. Shish tells Vika to pull the parking brake and restart the Renault, it takes her close to a minute to get the engine restarted.

    Shish has her turn into someone’s driveway so she can turn around he tells her to keep the clutch in and let off the brake all the way so the car can roll back with the help of gravity. Vika doesn’t let off the brake all the way now she has to shift into reverse, as clip four is coming to an end the engine is still running now she’s going to have to shift into reverse.

    What will happen in clip five in this six part series? Will Vika shift into reverse and backup? She probably doesn’t have to backup no more then a few feet at the most. Will the engine stall and will she have to slow pump the gas pedal to get the engine started backup? The answer to this question is yes. We will have to wait and see how Vika handles backing up and getting back on the road in clip five.

    Until then pleasant dreams. 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

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