Vika ‘Learning the Stick’ in the GTA in Reebok Sneakers, 5 of 6

Vika ‘Learning the Stick’ in the GTA in Reebok Sneakers, 5 of 6

June 23rd, 2017

Shish’s High-Intensity Training Academy is back in session with our pupil-of-the-year, Vika. We’ve made it out of the parking lot and down a little dead-end road where Vika is turning the car around. I’m giving her a lot of instruction, which might not be helping her, but still, I give it anyways. She’s confident enough to take the car on the main road now and take us home. But before we go home, we need to stop and get gas. She stalls it as she pulled off the road and didn’t coast it far enough to the pump. So she’s got to get it restarted but is having a hard time. I get out and film from where the gas pump is and to also get a wide view of her predicament. Of course, some guy wants to start talking to me about and pulls his car right in the way. I’m trying to be nice so he’ll hurry on as Vika is in the background still cranking away. The video ends with her getting the car to the gas pump and getting out to take a breather and stretch her long legs.

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  1. Vika Crank Rev & Drive The Renault Re-Learning How To Drive A Stick-Shift / White Princess Reebok Sneakers / Clip 5 Of 6

    As we continue from clip four Shish is still giving pointers to Vika as she tries to get the Renault restarted. Vika is still having a little bit of trouble shifting into first gear she’s shifting into third gear by mistake. Vika backs the Renault up she shifts into third the engine almost stalls on her again. Shish tells her to shift into first she goes back the way she came she makes a right turn shifting from first to fourth gears. Shish tells her to punch it.

    Vika goes down the street a little bit there not that far from HQ the Renault is low on gas as Vika turns into the food-mart. Now which side is the gas cap is on? Vika asks Shish he’s trying to remember he tells her the left side, he’s wrong. The engine stalls on Vika two more times one when she and Shish were trying to figure out which side the gas cap is on and getting that wrong the other is when she backed up and was trying to pull the Renault on the right side that’s where the gas cap is.

    Shish isn’t making this easy for Vika the last time she drove a stick shift was for about five minutes that was a few years ago. The engine stalled on her about two times as Vika is still having trouble shifting into first gear she is still shifting into third gear, it will take a little bit for her to figure it out. Vika gets the engine started backup and pulls right up to the gas pedal Vika is still having a good time so far, as clip five is coming to an end Vika is about to fill the tank up with gas.

    What will clip six bring us as the six part series is coming to an end? Will Vika fill the tank up with gas or will Shish? Will Vika shift into third gear instead of first gear? The obvious answer is yes based on the last five clips. We will have to wait and find out in clip six to see how this six part series turns out. Until then pleasant dreams. 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

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