Shish’s High-Intensity Training Academy is back in session with our pupil-of-the-year, Vika. We’ve made it out of the parking lot and down a little dead-end road where Vika is turning the car around. I’m giving her a lot of instruction, which might not be helping her, but still, I give it anyways. She’s confident enough to take the car on the main road now and take us home. But before we go home, we need to stop and get gas. She stalls it as she pulled off the road and didn’t coast it far enough to the pump. So she’s got to get it restarted but is having a hard time. I get out and film from where the gas pump is and to also get a wide view of her predicament. Of course, some guy wants to start talking to me about and pulls his car right in the way. I’m trying to be nice so he’ll hurry on as Vika is in the background still cranking away. The video ends with her getting the car to the gas pump and getting out to take a breather and stretch her long legs.