Vivian Ireene Pierce Leather Gloves & Boots Volvo Refresher

Vivian Ireene Pierce Leather Gloves & Boots Volvo Refresher

January 8th, 2020

Vivian is one of those models I have the pleasure of shooting a couple of times a year. But because the time between each shoot is months, early on she would often need a refresher on each car. Each car has it’s quirks and the way a car behaved when she was here 6 months prior is not often the way it’s behaving now. So this is another one of those ‘PTP 101-Refresher’ clips where we are chatting about the cars and things to remember while she’s trying to get the Volvo start on this cold day.

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  1. Vivian Ireene Pierce Mixed In The Volvo( She’s Getting A Refresher Course- Bone Chilling Cold Outside) Black Thigh Leather Boots / 720P WMV HD

    It’s bone chilling cold outside Shish is going to have Vivian start the Volvo up warm it up and maybe drive it either the time she’s trying to get it to start, or maybe drive it later in the day. Vivian is dressed warmly she has on a black leather jacket, white long sleeve button down blouse, black leather gloves, brown skirt, black leather thigh high boots.

    Shish is shooting whole body video as Vivian gets her water bottle from the backseat of the jeep and her black leather gloves are on the front passenger seat, the Volvo is only about 20 or so feet away from the jeep as Vivian walks over and gets in the Volvo. Shish walks over getting in the front passenger seat he’s using a handheld camcorder.

    Vivian hasn’t been in the Volvo in a short while, she needs a refresher course on how to move the drivers seat up a little bit. Shish tells her how to do it, now Vivian tries to get the Volvo to start, it’s really cold outside up at Cassandra’s. Vivian has to pull the choke in and out quite a few times to get the engine to start, she does quite a bit of cranking and pumping of the Volvo’s gas pedal that and she pulls the choke in and out priming the carburetor that way, she gets the engine to start up pretty fast in close to a minute, the problem is keeping the engine running.

    Shish is shooting upper and footwell video of Vivian’s sexy size 6 feet as her right foot gives the Volvo’s gas pedal a good romping, when Vivian gets the engine started and running sometimes she pushes the choke in and the engine dies on her, she then has to pull the choke out, with it being so cold outside the battery has a full charge the starter isn’t spinning that fast, finally after fighting the Volvo for close to ten minutes Vivian gets the engine running she gives the engine a little revving for not even a minute before shutting the engine off.

    Shish shoots some video of the instrument cluster the fuel gauge is almost empty when they do drive the Volvo hopefully there’s enough gas in the tank to drive over to a service station so they can fill up with gas. Vivian shuts the engine off she removes the key from the ignition apparently Vivian didn’t turn the ignition key all the way over to the off position the idiot lights are still on the dashboard. Shish asks Vivian to put the key back in start the engine up and turns it all the way off, she does.

    As the PTP copyright logo pops up on the screen Vivian has shut the engine off and handed the keys to Shish. The End. Vivian you did a great mixed video in the Volvo your feet look sexy in those black leather thigh high boots. Shish your camera work great. Good Work all!!!!!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

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