Vivian Ireene Pierce Struggling in the Volvo in Converse – #807

Vivian Ireene Pierce Struggling in the Volvo in Converse – #807

February 16th, 2018

There’s a knock on your door and when you open it, you’re greeted by Vivian, “Hey! You ready?” she asks. You look her up and down then shake your head ‘yes’. As you’re walking to the car, you’re following from behind to check out her behind. She looks at you and smiles and says that she had some issues getting here because the car was acting up.
You both climb in the car and she goes to crank it up but it doesn’t start on the first few tries. She fiddles with the choke and massages the gas pedal in her gray Converse sneakers with multi-colored laces. Her leather gloves grip the steering wheel and key as she keeps trying to get the Volvo to fire up. She’s upset at the car not cooperating and it’s going to make you two late.

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  1. Vivian Ireene Pierce Having A Hard Time Getting The Volvo Started And Keep It Running / Gray Converse Sneakers W/ Orange & Blue Laces / 1080I WMV HD / Custom # 807

    It’s a cold winter morning Vivian offers to drive the both of you to a meeting in her white 1970 Volvo station wagon, you are in the kitchen waiting when she knocks on the door, you answer the door. Vivian says”Hi, are you ready? You nod yes, you look Vivian over from head to toe as she turns around and walks out to the Volvo you stair at her sexy rear in those denim jeans she’s wearing she gets behind the wheel, you get in the front passenger seat.

    Vivian pulls the choke in and out as she tries to get the Volvo to start it’s being really temperamental as she cranks and pumps the Volvo’s gas pedal. Vivian is wearing a black leather jacket, lite gray scarf, white pullover shirt, denim jeans, gray Converse sneakers w/ orange & blue laces. Shish is getting a mixture of whole body video as Vivian walks up to the front door and to the Volvo and upper and some nice closeups of her sexy size 6 feet in her Converse sneakers. Vivian fiddles with the choke a little bit that seems to help some.

    When Vivian holds the gas pedal all the to the floor for just a couple of seconds just long enough to where the engine almost catches she lets off the gas pedal and goes back to cranking and pumping of the Volvo’s gas pedal. Vivian tells you she knows how to start her car she’s afraid there going to be late if she can’t get the Volvo to start.

    Vivian gets the engine started barely, it’s barely idling. Vivian tries to shift into reverse so she can back out of the driveway, that didn’t work the Volvo moves maybe a few feet at the most before the engine dies on her again, Vivian goes back to cranking and pumping the Volvo’s gas pedal.

    As the PTP copyright logo pops up on the screen Vivian turns to you she says” I think were going to be late” The End. Vivian you did a great cranking video in the Volvo your feet look sexy in those Converse sneakers. Shish your camera work as always great. Good work all!!!!! Who ever ordered this custom I hope you liked it as much as I did. 😀 😀 😀

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