Vivian is out of the car and looking around this auto shop for someone to help her. Her old Dodge needs some work and not knowing where to take it, Vivian asked Madalynn if she knew of a place. This is where Madalynn sent her. After not finding anyone, Vivian walks back to her car and decides to call Madalynn but only gets her voicemail. Might as well go somewhere else since this place is kinda creepy. She goes to start the car but it won’t start. The camera is focusing mainly on her thighs, legs and boobs as they bounce and bob up and down. The car just keeps cranking over and over while her frustration is building.
She takes a break to call Madalynn, maybe she’ll answer her phone now? Nope! Now Vivian is pissed off now and tries the car some more. She’s begging it to start for her and really beginning to feel like her situation is hopeless. She decides to try looking around for someone again. She gets out of the car and walks towards the garage….

….moments later, she’s running back towards the car and looking over her shoulder. Is someone after her?! She gets in the car, locks the door and looks around. Panicked and afraid, she goes to start the car again but it’s still not starting. She pumping the gas more aggressively and begging the car to please start! We see what she’s afraid of: a creepy guy armed with a drill walking towards the car ready…dun dun DUUNN!!
He taunts Vivian from the outside of the car, running the drill along the glass and body of the car while Vivian desperately keeps trying to start the car.
Is she gonna get drilled or will she get away?