Basically, I am looking for a full out damsel in distress clip. The more begging and pleading Vivian can throw into the clip the better. Here is my general thought: A horror movie scenario. Vivian is seen running out the door of the house in her bare feet and she heads to the car as quickly as she can, she jumps in and tries to start the car immediately screaming at the car to “come on”. The engine doesn’t start so she just keeps trying and she is growing more upset with every failed attempt as she thinks someone is in the house and she wants to get away quickly. I would like Vivian to beg the car to start pretty much from start to finish, dialogue along the lines of, “please start, don’t do this to me, come on baby, just start for me” things like that. If Vivian wants to I would be happy for her to swear in the clip as well, “fucking start, start you bastard“, etc. I know not all models are happy cussing but if she is that’d be great.
You can never go to far with my customs, the more desperate she looks in the clip the better.
If the engine could be flooded with it spluttering and trying to catch in the cranking that’d be great. I am also happy if it starts briefly and then stalls back out again.
As for the camera angles I would like a picture-in-picture setup. One camera a full on facial view capturing nothing but Vivian’s face and her expressions. The other on her right foot pumping the gas.