Mommy has picked you up from school and has stopped at the end of the driveway to check the mail. She gets out and walks to the mail box while leaving you in the car that is still running. She’s wearing these sexy red high heels and some tight jeans. When she’s far enough away, you quietly turn the key ‘off’. Vivian looks backs, huffs a little thinking it just stalled on it’s own and isn’t aware that your reaching over to pump the gas to flood your moms engine. Mommy’s car is so hard to start when the engine is hot and you pump the gas a time or two too many.

When she gets back in the car, she hands you the mail and mumbles at the car, “I can’t believe it stalled. Alright, come on.” she says as she instinctively pumps the gas a few times and turns the key but it doesn’t start. She says you can go on to the house while she tries to get it started but you decide to stay and watch mommy struggle in her old car that has a flooded engine.