Vivian Ireene Pierce Cranking the Monte Carlo – #411

Vivian Ireene Pierce Cranking the Monte Carlo – #411

July 12th, 2015

Vivian is at your desk and on your computer…uh-oh, she found your internet browser was left open to!  She walks around the desk to sit on it and scold you for your desire to watch girls struggle starting a car and pumping pedals.  She looks so hot with her tan pantyhose, short skirt and patent stiletto pumps sitting on that desk with her legs crossed.  To your surprise, her scolding softens and she starts getting playful and flirty with you.
“If you wanted a girl to crank a car for you, you should have just asked.” she tells you.
Next thing you know, she’s leading you outside to the car to find out what it is you like about watching a girl struggle to start an old car.

3 thoughts on “Vivian Ireene Pierce Cranking the Monte Carlo – #411”

  1. Holy smokes! Vivian Ireene again hit it completely out of the park with this titillating performance! I could only bet that any PTP member watching this vid secretly wished that it was he who had been the one who Vivian discovered had this fetish in watching women struggle to get a car started through vids on the Internet.

    Going outside to prove that perhaps she was just as good as some of those other gals, Vivian Ireene then put on the most teasing/flirtatious performance possible. Dressed in that short skirt and making sure to show off a whole bunch of nylon-encased legs, Vivian then put on a clinic as the damsel in distress; pumping away on the gas pedal in her heels and bouncing like no one’s business in the seat all while trying and failing to get the Monte started in repeated cranking efforts. Vivian Ireene then asked, “Is that how it’s done”? Answer: Yes with a capitol “Y”!!

    Vivian Ireene, I would say that you’re at the head of the class when it comes to teasing a man who has the female p.p./cranking fetish. Say, I know of an old car that’s been sitting around in my neighborhood for a while. Vivian Ireene could you be available for hire to give that same performance, and in that same outfit trying to start up this particular old car just for me?

    Whoever ordered this custom vid, did a great job with the script idea! And as I said in the beginning Vivian Ireene’s performance was simply magnificent! Bravo, a standing ovation!

  2. Vivian Ireene Pierce Cranking The Monte-Carlo ( So Your Into Pedal Pumping & Damsels In Distress) /Black Patten Leather Stiletto Pumps / 720P MP4 HD / Custom#411

    Vivian is sitting at your computer she’s going through your browser history she sees that you go to this website pump that she asks you to come over to your computer desk she asks you about women pumping pedals and damsels in distress if hes into that. Vivian says to you “ Why didn’t you ask me?” She gets in idea she puts on her black leather coat, over her black short sleeve top, black & white dress, pantyhose, black patent leather stiletto pumps.

    The both of you walks over to her rest bucket a blue 1986 Chevy Monte-Carlo with the door wide open she talks to you flirting with you as she pumps the gas pedal on the Monte-Carlo she floods the carburetor really good she turns the ignition key the engine will not start as Shish is getting a mixture of whole body video as she sits on top of the desk and when she walks to the car and a mixture of whole body video from the drivers side and from the backseat getting whole body video. Vivian keeps pumping the gas pedal trying to show you she can play the damsel in distress and she doing a great job doing that.

    As Vivian is cranking and pumping the gas pedal the engine is trying to turn over she keeps pumping the gas pedal keeping the carburetor flooded good. As the PTP copyright logo pops up on the screen Vivian turns to you giving you a sultry flirtatious look as shes cranking and pumping the gas pedal. The End.

    Vivian you did a great crank and tease in the Monte-Carlo your feet look sexy in those black patent leather stiletto pumps. Who ever ordered this custom you did a great job writing the script, this could go down as a classic. Shish your camera work as always great. Good work all!!!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

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