Vivian Ireene Pierce Needs Help – #352

Vivian Ireene Pierce Needs Help – #352

June 23rd, 2013

This is a custom video we filmed just yesterday.  So it’s hot off the press!  Here’s the script for it:
“From my POV, you’ve called me over because your car is acting up again. You’re all dolled up because you’ve figured out that I have a fetish for this kind of thing. I knock on your door and you answer, and you’re kind of in tease mode already. You’re “bummed,”and you “dont know why” your car has been acting up so much lately. You take me down to show you, and you beg as you’re cranking. After several attempts, and a lot of looking back at me, you know you’re getting the “reaction” you wanted. We go look under the hood, and you start to reveal that you’re wondering why I’m so eager to come help you all the time. You start asking if I like watching you struggle to start this old thing, and if I’ve even been behind some of the problems you’ve been having. You go back around and start cranking over and over again, and you notice I’m watching you, so you put on a show, cranking and talking dirty to me. You realize after some more digging that I like your legs and feet pumping on the pedal, so you take your shoes off and rub the pedal sensually in between cranks.”

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  1. If there is such an award for Best Actress in a pedal pumping/cranking video Vivian Ireene just won it hands down for the year 2013 with her superlative performance in this vid. Hands down it is one of the best teasing videos of all-time. This vid was superbly crafted and Vivian Ireene played it to the hilt as the helpless female who could not understand at first why she has so much problems getting her Jeep started right after her neighbor “supposedly” has just finished working on it, and every time she is going out to town for some “good times”. Vivian even invites you, her mechanic and neighbor to come along for drinks, (on her) if you can advise her as to what she is doing wrong every time that she tries to start up her car. If it truly were me who Viivan Ireene was inviting to go out with her then, trust me that car would have started up by the end of the vid!

    Vivian Ireene looked stunning from head to toe dressed in that extremely short skirt and high-heeled open toe sandals, (which revealed beautifully red pedicured toe nails). Eventually Vivian Ireene catches on to the fact that her car always seems to give her starting problems after her neighbor has just worked on it. Instead of getting mad, Vivian also noticing that the neighbor seems to be unable to take his eyes off of her succulent bare legs and feet goes into full teasing mode! The neighbor’s punishment administered out by Vivian is the fact that he will have to watch her as she eventually takes off her stiletto sandals and cranks the car in her bare feet, (the left one stroking the right one as she continues pumping the pedal).

    This vid is but one reason why PTP is in a class by itself! The storyline scripts are off-the-charts creative, the models are so adept at acting the role of the female not knowing what to do with a hard-starting vehicle and the camera work is the best in the business. With my current membership due to expire in a few weeks, it is beyond question that I will be sending in the money to re-up my subscription.

    Congratulations to both Vivian Ireene for her stellar acting performance, ShisH for his camera work and the individual who thought of the script. This vid was the “Mona Lisa” of teasing while cranking and pedal pumping a hard to start vehicle. BRAVO!! I can only imagine that every member of PTP will download and save this vid to their computers! I already have!!

  2. Vivian Ireene Pierce Crank The Jeep Black Open-Toed High Heeled Sandals / Custom352

    Vivian is going out on the town it’s Friday night she’s talking to her neighbor on the phone telling him the problems getting her 1986 jeep wangoneer to stat it’s been giving her problems, as she’s telling you the problem she’s having with the Jeep. Vivian is wearing a blue mini skirt, red toenail polish black open toes high heeled sandals.

    You her neighbor offer to come over ans see if you can help her get the Jeep too start yeah right, you come over to the house and knock on the door. Vivian opens the door after talking to you on the phone she goes out and tries to start it again, she thinks she might have flooded it, she goes out and gets in the Jeep with her neighbor right behind her.

    Vivian gets in the Jeep she tries to start it up she cranks and pumps the gas pedal nothing, it doesn’t sputter or tease not even so much as cough, she stops cranking after a minute she pops the hood open, she asks you to take a look and see if anything is wrong, she doesn’t know what she’s doing wrong.

    Shish is getting some really great video he’s getting whole body video as well as some really great footwell shots of Vivian’s feet, as she’s talking. As Vivian is talking to you she asks you. You know that she was going out today. Vivian is beginning to suspect her neighbor of tampering with the Jeep, she closes the hood goes back in the Jeep she cranks and pumps the Jeep for a couple more minutes.

    She notices you like looking at her feet, Vivian tells you she gets a pedicure every Thursday, her feet look really sexy, she takes her black open toed high heeled sandals off her feet she throws them at you, she asks you to keep an eye on them. Vivian then does a crank and tease barefoot for about a little over a minute, she stops cranking and plays with the pedals and does some more cranking and pumping of the gas pedal between playing with the pedals.

    As the PTP copyright logo pops up on the screen. Vivian asks you what you were doing last night? Were you thinking up ways to sabotage my car so you can come over to help me? Vivian goes back to cranking and pumping the gas pedal as she’s asking him. The End.

    Vivian you did a great damsel in distress custom. Who ever ordered this I hope you like it I sure did. Shish shooting this yesterday editing it and getting posted so fast this is a great video, good work all!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

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