Vivian Cranking the Jeep – #576

Vivian Cranking the Jeep – #576

October 18th, 2015

The Scenario:
You’re going to ride along with Vivian in the Jeep.  She has to run inside and while she’s out of sight, you pull the coil wire on the Jeep.  When she comes back out, she’s on the phone with her boss who asks her to stop by the office for a minute.  While she’s on the phone, she’s pumping the gas pedal slowly, she knows how you get when she’s working that gas pedal while cranking.
She finishes the call and keeps teasing you by pumping the gas but tells you that she can’t give you a show today since her boss is waiting on her.  Little does Vivian know that you’re going to get a show, one way or another! 😉

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  1. Vivian Ireene Pierce Cranking The Jeep Has Too Go Too The Office To Meet With The Boss / Pink Ankle-Strap Stiletto Sandals /1080 I WMV HD /Custom#576

    It’s cold and cloudy outside Vivian is going to drive you her boyfriend to work your already inside the jeep. Vivian gets in she realizes she forgot her smart-phone she runs inside the house. What she does not know is wile shes in the house getting her phone you get out and pop the hood you pull out the resistor wire so Vivian can’t get the engine to start. Vivian gets in the jeep after she talks to someone on her phone, she gets another call from her boss she needs Vivian’s help with something wile she’s talking to her boss Vivian is pumping the jeeps gas pedal.

    Vivian hangs up her phone she tells you she has to go over to the office it will only take a few minutes. Vivian turns the ignition key there already in the ignition she turns the key the engine will not start not even so much as cough or sputter or tease her. Vivian keeps trying she looks over at you she knows you like watching her struggle to get the jeep to start and pump the gas pedal, you get in the backseat to get a better view.

    Vivian is wearing a black button down coat, pink blouse, black skirt, pantyhose, pink ankle-strap stiletto sandals. Shish is getting a mixture of whole body video as Vivian walks to the jeep and back into the house to get her phone, and a mixture of upper and footwell video from the front passenger seat an the backseat and there is a camera maybe a go pro on the floor getting footwell video from the back of her right foot as she pumps the gas pedal. Shish also gets a little video from the drivers side as Vivian struggles to get the jeep to start.

    As Vivian struggles to get the jeep to start knowing you like watching her pump the gas pedal. Vivian asks you a few times on and off as she tries to get the jeep to start if you did something to the jeep, after close to seven minutes trying to get the jeep to start the battery gets weak really fast and is almost dead. Vivian is almost in a panic as she romps on the gas pedal trying to get to the jeep to start, she looks at you asking you again did you do something to the jeep? She has to be at the office to help the boss with something she’s afraid she might get fired.

    As the PTP copyright logo pops up on the screen. Vivian is really frustrated and upset telling you she has to meet with her boss and did you do something to the jeep. The End. Vivian you did a great cranking video in the jeep your feet look really sexy in those pink ankle-strap stiletto sandals. Shish your camera work as always great, good work all. Who ever ordered this custom I hope you liked it as much as I did. 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

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