She’s coming out the door, already flustered by running behind schedule. She sees Little Billy peeking around the corner and he’s a mess. He tried dressing himself and got things all turned around. Vivian bends over to straighten his ‘Sunday Best’ outfit so he looks like a sharp little man. She grabs his hand and they hurry to the Jeep. Billy gets a good look at Vivian’s black leather over-the-knee boots with gold metal tips. They disappear underneath her flowy dress with flowers.
Once situated in the car, Vivian puts the key in the ignition, foot on the brake and the engine starts right up. She puts her boot on the gas to open the throttle a little to rev it up and it stalls out. Now it won’t start again. This damn Jeep floods out so easily! Or does it need more gas?? It figures it would be stubborn this morning…what else could go wrong?!