Vivian Bikini Driving & Road Rage in Flip Flops

Vivian Bikini Driving & Road Rage in Flip Flops

August 3rd, 2019

She’s filming herself driving around in the old Coronet and she’s not happy that she has to deal with slow drivers! She’s constantly whining or griping about the drivers in front of her, yelling at them to hurry up! She’s got her toes all prettied up with some red nail polish and she wants to mash the pedal longer. She might end up running some folks off the road before long!

One thought on “Vivian Bikini Driving & Road Rage in Flip Flops”

  1. Vivian Ireene Pierce Driving The Coronet ( Shooting This Video Herself- Driving Behind Grandpa) Blue Flip Flops w/ Red Toenail Polish

    It’s a nice day to go out and shoot some videos Shish is driving the jeep. Vivian is following behind in the Coronet she’s wearing a pink bikini top w/ blue, green & pink mixed in, green bikini bottom, blue flip flops w/ red toenail polish. Vivian is shooting this video herself she’s shooting upper and footwell video of her sexy size six feet in her blue flip flops w/ red toenail polish.

    Vivian is shooting mostly footwell video although she shoots some video through the windshield, traffic is somewhat heavy on the two lane road Vivian is driving on, she would like to go faster, she calls one driver grandpa, she’s a little bit annoyed too say the least, she cusses out the drivers in front of her a she tries gunning the engine to go faster, that does no good.

    Vivian is using a hand held camcorder to shoot this video she shoots the video for the most part with her right hand she switches to her left hand a couple of times. Vivian’s feet look really sexy in those blue flip flops. As the PTP copyright logo pops up on the screen Vivian turns into a parking lot and parks the Coronet. The End. Vivian you did a great driving video in the Coronet, your feet look sexy in blue flip flops, you also did a great job shooting this video yourself with the hand held camcorder. Great Video!!!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

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