She walks up to the car in that slow, sexy way. Her leather mini-skirt just barely covers her butt but really elongates her shapely legs that are wrapped in sheer pantyhose. Her black leather stiletto pumps complete her full leather ‘business’ outfit. She gets in, leaves her left foot on the ground as you watch from the drivers-side rear of the car (with tailpipe in view)  her trying to get it started. The battery is already weak and within a handful of cranks, she drains the battery. You walk up to the drivers door to watch her keep trying with the dead battery.

Now the battery is changed and she tells you to go to the back of the car again to watch the exhaust. The car fires right up and she floors the gas a couple of times to clear it and looks back at the smoke coming out of the exhaust. She gets on it more and more and the car starts to backfire a little and spit out darker smoke. She’s grinning from ear-to-ear and keeps romping on the gas pedal, laughing when the car backfires and spits out puff of black smoke.
This continues until the end of the video but with camera angles close to the drives door and close-ups of her foot pumping the gas pedal.