Vivian gets in the Volvo to start it up while Cassandra is behind the wheel of the Bug (with Scarlet filming).  You can see Cassandra cranking and moving the Bug through the windshield while Vivian works on getting Volvo cranked up.  It’s a genuine old start cold start and requires Vivian to play with the choke.  The battery starts to get weak and the hope of starting this car are beginning to fade for Vivian.  Her hopes are crushed when the battery finally dies…however, she takes a moments pause, tries it one last time and voila, it reluctantly starts!!  She revs it up to get some heat into the engine and juice back into the battery before finally driving off.  She doesn’t get out of the driveway before the car conks out on her and as the battery is fading again, Vivian finds herself back to square one.