Vivian Coronet Crank & Drive Sheer Hose, Leather & Boots, 1 of 2
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Vivian Coronet Crank & Drive Sheer Hose, Leather & Boots, 1 of 2

May 26th, 2023

She’s slipping her gloves on before heading out to where the Coronet is parked and along the way we stop to admire her skills at ‘landscaping’ my yard. There are numerous ruts in the yard from where she got the Coronet and Renault stuck during her visit. There were already some ruts made from when Jane and others got stuck before she arrived, so you really can’t tell what is Vivian’s doing or what was there before-hand but regardless, it’s a mess that was made but since we were in the early stages of moving, we really didn’t care. lol
As for the tree limbs, mangled bushes and stuff like that, well, right before Vivian arrive we had someone crash their car into our yard. This person took out many bushes, ripped right through the tree we you see laid on the ground, totaled the Renault and damaged the Coronet. The person was okay but when trying to help the lady down from her car (she climbed up and out because car was on side) she leaped when I wasn’t looking and when we hit the ground with her on top of me, it messed my back all up. To this day, I still have back issues from this and I don’t know if they’ll ever go away….but anyways, that’s why it’s such a mess because we were in the middle of getting home insurance, police paperwork/evidence, her car insurance and everything sorted. I only wish I mentioned something to the police officer taking statements about my back, her insurance could be paying for my bills but I just thought it would be sore for a day or two and go away.

So yeah, some backstory for ya, blah blah…now, for this first clip of the two-parter, Vivian is just doing a cold old start in the Dodge Coronet wearing a leather jacket, leather gloves, miniskirt, sheer pantyhose and taupe leather boots.

3 thoughts on “Vivian Coronet Crank & Drive Sheer Hose, Leather & Boots, 1 of 2”

  1. Best of health and good luck to you … Here is a new clip I’l be waiting for the sequel… Everything I like ! Though cars, and elegant ladies – with boots and gloves ! – and Vivian is often very remarkable … Faithfully from France … H.

  2. Nothing, always happy to find Vivian, whose elegance I love, especially in cold season, time for my favorites clips, where I like also Brooke and Cassandra… When it comes to cars, they make great moments with the Old Volvo particularly, but I dream of the rounded Chevies, or Ford, of the 50’s, maybe the Opels Kadett of the 60’s, where these pretty ladies would be wonderful … Thanks again from France… H.

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