We’re leaving to go out and Vivian is dressed in her black turtleneck, black leather jacket, tight jeans, white Reebok Princess sneakers and red leather driving gloves. She grabs her purse, water and keys and we head out. Locking the door behind me, Vivian heads down the deck and to the Coronet that is parked right beside the deck. She’s getting in the car as I hang out at the railing of the deck looking down at her. I can see her fumbling for the keys with her leather gloves and she tries starting the car….which doesn’t start up immediately. I watch her from above as she glances every now and then at me, probably slightly embarrassed but she keeps trying to get the car cranked, which is obvious from her body bouncing up and down. She car does a muffled backfire at one point when she was close to getting it running and results in a lot of smoke slowly billowing out from under the hood. She looks up at me, seeing if I’m concerned but since I’m not, she goes back to cranking the car.
After some time, I come down and stand next to the drivers door and film her through the front windshield and the drivers window. She’s got the car running a lot better between the stalling out. When it sounds like we’re ready to go, I get in and she backs up to turn around but has to get out to close the garage door. When she hops out, I turn the car off and reach over and use her tall water bottle to push the gas a few times to flood it out for her. When she gets back in the car, she kinda looks at me…she knows…shit! But that doesn’t mean she still doesn’t beg the car to start and struggle with it.
She gets it going again and off we go!