Vivian Ireene Pierce Gives You a Ride to School in Boots – 1 of 2

Vivian Ireene Pierce Gives You a Ride to School in Boots – 1 of 2

September 13th, 2013

Today, you’re getting a ride home from your teacher, Vivian.  You’ve always fantasized as to how much car trouble she has or how she might drive the old Camaro on her way to/from work.  Today, you get to witness it first hand.  You’re already in the passenger seat as she comes out looking for you.  She gets in the car and your excitement is building as she gets situated behind the wheel.  Just before she turns the key, she gives the engine 2 gentle pumps of the gas and spins the motor over….from there, your dream becomes a reality!


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  1. one of my teachers gave me a ride home once. but she was a fat old hag. LOL in fact, most of them were.

  2. Vivian Ireene Pierce Mixed Z28 / Black Leather Boots / 720 P MP4 HD / Clip 1 Of 2

    You need a ride home your teacher Vivian Ireene Pierce offers to drive you home, she comes out of the house looking for you. Miss Pierce walks from the house she gets in her classic red 1977 Camaro Z28 it’s temperamental she has a hard time getting it to start, you wonder how much trouble she has getting the Z28 to start and how she drives from home to school now you get a front row seat and you find out how she does it.

    Vivian is wearing a black jacket, black top, black dress/w white flowers, black leather square toed boots, she gets in the Z28 she thanks you for waiting she puts the keys in the ignition she primes the carburetor by pumping the gas pedal a few times she turns the ignition key the engine will not start Vivian is cranking and pumping the Z28’s gas pedal, the battery sounds good and strong as she tries to get the Camaro to start.

    Shish is getting some great video he’s getting a mixture of whole body video and upper body and footwell video as Vivian cranks and pumps the Camaro’s gas pedal.

    Vivian sees you staring at her black square toed boots she asks you a couple of times if you see spiders around her feet, after asking the second time she figures out you like her black leather square toed boots as shes trying to get the Camaro to start, the engine sputters a couple of times she finally gets the engine started it takes her close too 2:min 34 sec to get the engine to start she revs the engine a little bit for close to 30 seconds she tries to put the gearshift in reverse the engine dies.

    Vivian puts the gearshift back in park she goes back to cranking and pumping the Camaro’s gas pedal, the engine sputters two times It takes Vivian a little over two minutes to get the engine to start she puts the gearshift in reverse she backs out of the driveway she puts the gearshift in drive she doesn’t go no more then 30 or so feet she stops at a stop sign to make a turn the engine stalls again.

    This time it doesn’t take as long to get it to start back up not even a minute, she gives the engine a few quick revs, she puts the gearshift in drive she makes a right turn, as soon as she can she floors it trying to get the Z28 to go as fast as she can the speed limit is only 25 MPH on this two lane back road.

    The engine sounded like it was about to cut out when she floored the gas pedal, the engine might not be fully warmed up yet as Vivian drives you home, she talks to you through out the video.

    As the PTP copyright logo pops up on the screen Vivian is talking to you as she drives you home. What will clip two bring us? Will the drive go without a hitch? Will the engine die on the Camaro if so will Vivian have to do any cranking and pumping too get it to star backup? Will she kill the battery? We will have to wait and find out in clip two. Until then pleasant dreams. 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

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