Vivian Ireene Pierce Loafers, Hose & Daisy Dukes in the Monte, 1 of 2
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Vivian Ireene Pierce Loafers, Hose & Daisy Dukes in the Monte, 1 of 2

October 7th, 2021

POV filming with Vivian in the old Chevy Monte Carlo. She’s following the Jeep around as we do stuffs. This first clip starts out with her getting the car started and then the rest of it is her driving in her loafers. The old Monte is pretty loud as this was during the time the muffler was split. So anytime she gets on it, you hear it.

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  1. Vivian Ireene Pierce Mixed In The Monte-Carlo ( Driving Around Town Doing Stuff – Shooting This Video Her P.O.V With Handheld Camcorder / Sheer Pantyhose & Lite Brown Easy Spirit Loafers, Barefoot / 720P MP4 HD / Clip 1 Of 2

    It’s a nice day to go out for a drive Shish needs to do some stuff maybe run some errands and shoot some videos. Vivian is going to shoot this video herself with a handheld camcorder she’s wearing a long sleeve v-neck button long sleeve shirt w/ blue swirls up around the buttons, Daisy Duke short shorts, sheer pantyhose, lite brown easy-spirit loafers, barefoot.

    The engine is really loud as it takes Vivian about three or four tries to get the engine to started the muffler is split, she makes a right turn from the driveway and a left turn at the stop sign, this video was shot up at the old HQ about seven years back.

    Vivian guns the engine trying to go as fast as she can when traffic permits witch isn’t very often, when Vivian gives the engine gas by flooring the gas pedal you can hear the engine good and loud as she makes left and right turns, for the most part Vivian shoots footwell video she points her handheld camcorder at her face at least one time and at the windshield showing where they are going , when she sits at a traffic light she takes her left shoe off her foot rubbing her left foot on the inside of her right shin, so her feet are a little bit hot and sweaty as she drives to her first destination.

    As clip one is ending Vivian is following behind Shish he’s in the jeep she makes a right turn into a parking lot of some sort, she parks the Monte-Carlo next to the jeep and shuts the engine off. What will clip two bring us? Will Vivian be able to get the Monte-Carlo to startup on the first try and go to there next destination? Will she take her lite brown easy spirit loafers off her feet and drive barefoot or will she take her sheer pantyhose off her feet and drive barefoot that way? We will have to wait for clip two to see how this turns out. Until than pleasant dreams. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

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