She’s walking to the Jeep that is parked in the bushes while wearing some cute red suede boots, jeans, a red sweater and black leather gloves. It’s wet and chilly out, so hopefully the Jeep will not be too stubborn to get started and maybe she can get out of the mud that it’s currently parked on. That area gets really slick when it’s wet.
She climbs in, struggles to get it started but manages after a few tries. But sure enough, when she puts it in gear and steps on the gas, her wheels just spin. “Dammit!”
The Jeep keeps stalling on her and makes it more difficult to get out. She films her back wheels spinning in the mud with some tire smoke coming off of them. There is also a ‘creeper cam’ filming her from a distance. The bushes block some of the wheel spin but you can still see it.
Stuck, stalling, cranking, self-filmed pedal pumping action! 🙂