These are various scenes of Vivian driving and revving the old Cadillac while we were filming a custom and running errands. She’s wearing a Brown’s football jersey, skinny jeans, white Reebok sneakers and black tights.
The video starts out with her firing up the Volvo and driving down the road to get the Cadillac. When she hops in the Cadillac, she tells you that she’s glad you’re along for the ride because she just got it fixed and put good gas in it and she wants to see how it drives now. The Caddy starts up pretty easily and she pulls out on the road and opens up the throttle.
The next scene is with her Reeboks off and revving the Cadillac from her point-of-view. She’s doing some pedal play as well while she waits.
The remainder of the video is her running to Taco Bell for tacos (hell yeah!) and then driving home so we can stuff our face! Her shoes stay off the whole time and it’s just her tights under jeans. You can see her red toes a little through the tights.