The video starts with a wide shot from the drivers side of the car. You can see the tailpipe of the car shake as she revs the little engine up over and over. Her left leg, wrapped in pair of super tall black boots, is out of the car. After some good revving the camera cuts to an angle of Vivian from the front by the windshield with the drivers door still open. Her legs are spread with her right leg bobbing up and down from pumping the gas and her left leg is still out of the car with her foot on the ground. She’s giving you some sexy glances as she’s really enjoying revving this car up.
Next, we see a segment from back by the tailpipe as she’s romping on the pedal. You can just see her left boot out of the car and the tailpipe, which is in your face. Imagine getting blasted in the face with all that hot exhaust!
Finally, as she’s really laying into the pedal, we get a close up of her face to see her enjoyment of all this hot and sexy revving!