Ok, let’s try this again.” Vivian says as she turns the key to her old Volvo. The engine just cranks over slowly from the weak battery as she rhythmically pumps the gas pedal, hoping the car will startย this time. But when the cranking almost stops, she knows her luck is gone. She turns the key over quickly about a dozen more times, begging the car to ‘come on’ over and over but the car is just not starting.

The garage door opens as she comes walking in with the BMW keys in hand. She figures she’ll take out her frustrations on another European car today. It’s a little stubborn to keep running as it needs some work but she keeps pumping the gas pedal to keep the rpm’s up.
She puts her left boot out on the ground so she can look back at the exhaust while she romps on the gas pedal hard. She feels it’s warmed up enough now for her to take a moment to slide her leather gloves on. Once she gets them on, she goes back to romping on the gas pedal while slowly rubbing her legs and thighs with her leather gloves.