Joined PTP: November 6, 2005

From: Northern Alabama

Birthdate: April 8, 1980

Shoe Size:  5 1/2 – 6

Favorite Type of Shoe:  Anything with a heel!!  I’m only 5’1 so I LOVE heels . . .

Smokes:  Sometimes

Favorite Car:  Suburban!!

Favorite genre of pedal pumping to do? REVVING!!!!!

What cars do you or have you owned?  93 Nissan Maxima (pearl); 94 Ford Explorer (white); 98 GMC Yukon (maroon & gold); 99 Cadillac Seville (emerald green), VW Passat Wagon and Suburban

Worst Car Trouble Experience:  Was with PTP 5 years ago…I couldn’t get the Blue Bronco to start!

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  • The ever-so-lovely Audrey has on this sexy spring dress and some green’ish leather colored boots to do some revving the Camaro in! She gets in, happy to play in these old cars on this nice day and has to work at getting the car started. It’s been sitting and can….

  • Audrey Cranking the Camaro – #370
    Starring - October 9th, 2016

    She’s taking her kids to school and they are waaay behind! She’s scurrying to the Camaro with the camera point-of-view from one of her kids in tow. They all climb in the car and all eyes are on Audrey as she’s finally situated and turns the key….it doesn’t start. She….

  • So the Volvo is running, looks like she can finally wrap up this disastrous attempt at moving and parking the cars…just kidding!! She can’t drive a stick that well, so the struggle keeps on rolling while the car doesn’t!

  • She’s still working on that getting that Monte Carlo moved and parked. Lots of flooded starts, revving, stalling and cranking. It also sounds like the battery is getting weak. Once she’s turned it around and somewhat parked it, she can’t get out of the car fast enough because she’s had enough….

  • She goes toe-to-toe with the Coronet, Monte Carlo and Volvo in a ‘simple & easy’ moving-the-cars video.  Of course, it’s never simple or easy…but I don’t tell them that. 😉  This first clip is half in the Coronet and then half in the Monte Carlo.

  • We pick back up with Audrey, running those errands on a cold day.  Her sexy leather boots work the pedals in traffic and those tight, unlined leather gloves look lovely on the steering wheel.  She parks in the parking lot and goes in.  Upon her return, she has to fight….

  • She’s dressed up and ready to go but her old little VW Beetle isn’t.  She’s frustrated that of all days that she can’t get her car to start, it’s going to be this day.  She’s pumping the hell out of the gas pedal with those sexy stilettos but no matter….

  • Audrey has some places she needs to go to and it’s never just a quick ‘get in get out’ deal when taking this old piece of crap car!  She quickly walks to the car, her heels on her boots just clicking away against the concrete, and slides in behind the….

  • Audrey is loading up her clothes in the Jeep so her and Scarlet can shoot some videos over at Cassandra’s, where the rest of the cars are parked.  Audrey knows these cars take a bit and works the ‘process’ but isn’t getting very far.  The girls try to make light….

  • Audrey in “A Woman With a Plan”
    Starring - December 22nd, 2014

    Audrey is in her car, about to leave her friends house with that friend calls her.  They’re chatting about some things they forgot to mention and during the conversation, her friend tells Audrey that her brother is leaving.  Audrey has a crush on her friends brother and gets excited because….