Audrey's Profile

Shoe Size:  5 1/2 – 6

Favorite Type of Shoe:  Anything with a heel!!  I’m only 5’1 so I LOVE heels . . .

Smokes:  Sometimes

Favorite Car:  Suburban!!

Favorite genre of pedal pumping to do? REVVING!!!!!

What cars do you or have you owned?  93 Nissan Maxima (pearl); 94 Ford Explorer (white); 98 GMC Yukon (maroon & gold); 99 Cadillac Seville (emerald green), VW Passat Wagon and Suburban

Worst Car Trouble Experience:  Was with PTP 5 years ago…I couldn’t get the Blue Bronco to start!

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Joined PTP: November 6, 2005

From: Northern Alabama

Birthdate: April 8, 1980