We pick back up with Audrey, running those errands on a cold day.  Her sexy leather boots work the pedals in traffic and those tight, unlined leather gloves look lovely on the steering wheel.  She parks in the parking lot and goes in.  Upon her return, she has to fight to get the Monte Carlo running again.  It’s embarrassing to be stranded in the parking lot as people make glances.  When she gets it started, she sits there for a bit to clear the car out.  She keeps the rpm’s pretty steady, she’s afraid to let off the gas entirely for fear it’ll stall again.  When she’s finally comfortable it’s going to stay running, she takes off to her next stop.  As she’s pulling out of the parking lot, the damn car stalls on her again at the busy intersection!  Sorry for the sunlight making it hard to see her boots pumping the gas but you can see that leg of hers bobbing up and down as the traffic goes by.  She gets it running again and quickly pulls out onto the road to head home, screw the rest of the errands in this car!