The ever-so-lovely Audrey has on this sexy spring dress and some green’ish leather colored boots to do some revving the Camaro in! She gets in, happy to play in these old cars on this nice day and has to work at getting the car started. It’s been sitting and can be cranky. She’s not smiling as much when the car is not starting but when she hears it sputter and roar to life, that smile returns as she gives it some revs to clear it out. The car does stall out on her a few times while she’s revving the car, but for the most part, she gets to hear the engine as her feet, at first in boots but later just her bare feet, pump the gas up and down over and over again. The exhaust is messed up from when Vassanta split the muffler from a backfire, so the car sounds and feels different. You can feel the vibrations through the seat a lot more than normal. Yeah, that’s something to smile about. 😉