15 Years…That’s A Lot of Pedal Pumping!

August 18th, 2019

August 15th was our 15-year mark. That’s a milestone no one else has reached. In this ever-dwindling niche` community, I want to thank you all who have supported and kept us going all this time. Some of you have been with us all 15 of those years and some of you have joined us somewhere along the way. I can’t believe we’ve been fortunate enough to have been able to go on this long at the pace we have. I’m truly grateful to each of you for giving Scarlet and I the support needed to keep this site going. Thanks to you all, we keep growing and expanding in various ways. Some years, it’s cars that change and some years, it’s models that come and go. Then you have a year like this one, where we’ve made an upgrade in our location that will help us expand even more. Regardless of the change, every year has been a growth in some way, shape or form. So let’s keep it going for another 15!! 🙂
Keep on keepin on,

6 thoughts on “15 Years…That’s A Lot of Pedal Pumping!”

  1. it’s a honor and a privilege to know you both, i wish i had of been around at the beginning but i think ive been around for the majority of it, you guys are like family to me, i can’t thank you both enough either for the customs and the friendships and the chats weve had on and off throughout the years.

    here’s to another 15 years and maybe i’ll to meet both of y’all some day.


  2. Congratulations to the 15th anniversary and wish you all the best for the next 15 ! Your videos are always THE BEST ! Thank you 🙂

  3. ShisH, Scarlet and Team,
    Warm congrats on your 15th! What can I say? Quality tends to have staying power Thank you for this great site and willingness to go the last “pedal” to meet your customers’ strange and demanding wishes. In this era of boring hybrid and electric vehicles (ok Tesla looks pretty cool) you guys are a welcome breath of petrol air. Shout out to your models too. Past legends like Damara and Mandie but also recent ones that “get” this genre and keep it floored. Thank you all. New fortress PTP has my full support for the next 15! Keep em pumping!
    From your VW fan.

  4. You are all great!!! I have followed PTP for many many years.

    I wish (If I may make a 15th year request), there was more “80’s” like horror.
    Girl(s) broken down, stuck, both, stranded, helpless, scared. Girls only in boots (high heels!) and skirts. And some of you finest.
    You have done a few and they were great.

    BTW: Scarlet as a sexy librarian is still one of my favs.

    I wish I could gift you an 80’s K car or the like. When Detroit was struggling to make anything reliable.
    Best wishes for another 15. Hope they are profitable.

    PS: You should make a go fund me for the K-Car. 🙂

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