Customs Available with Brooke & Jane Domino

September 1st, 2018

**Update: The outfits/shoes that we have in our model closet are NOT available for these customs. Also, keep in mind that there isn’t a 3rd person to film scenes of them. So tripod or window mounted shots are the only way to get them both in the video.
These two powerhouses of pedal pumping are offering up a rare treat for you guys! They are taking the reigns for a while and will be fulfilling your pedal pumping fantasies in the cars they have available. They will be in complete control in fulfilling your custom. Each girl has access to different cars, so you’ll be able to get some videos in cars that have never been available before.

For this upcoming shoot on the 6th, the girls will be using Jane’s cars: a 1991 Volvo 240 and a 1983 Mustang Convertible. These are the ONLY two cars available for this shoot. Both cars are available for cranking, driving and revving videos. Please keep in mind that there will be some limitations on the scenarios they can do. For example, they can rig the car for cranking but there won’t be an option for stalling scenes unless your scenario allows video cuts to be made. Keep the outfits appropriate for hot weather…bikini’s are good! 🙂 It’s just two girls with two cars to play in, so keep that in mind.

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