April Lee Customs Ongoing 2024

April Lee Customs Ongoing 2024

April 1st, 2024

She is accepting custom video orders specifically for her to do in her car, a 2022 VW Tiguan. She’s only doing driving and revving videos as well as any type of pedal-play or scenes in a car involving pedals or whatever. Keep in mind that she’s filming these herself, so she can’t have elaborate scenes or camera work. It’s only angles where she can hold her phone or mount it. Very similar to what we’ve done in the past.

Feel free to let me know any questions you have about these and please don’t ask about customs in any vehicle besides hers, she’s not open for customs other than in her car.

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  1. Buenas tardes,
    Me gustaria un video de “Brake Failure” con sus zapatos de tacon negros y el vestido sexy corto como el que llevaba en un video anterior en un volvo y sin medias.

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