Ongoing Customs Available with Jane Domino

March 5th, 2018

**April 14 – Temporarily Unavailable**

All other models are closed for customs. Jane Domino is available again for customs indefinitely. I’ll keep the turn-around time for shooting customs with her updated on her custom form link over on her model page here. Keep an eye on it to know how about how long it is going to be before we shoot your custom, this doesn’t include the up to 10 days it will take for editing before it goes into our clips store. I’ll also keep the genre of videos we’re doing (cranking, driving, etc) updated as well as cars available. So if you don’t see your preferred genre of video or car, don’t write it in because I won’t accept it.
Wardrobe (shoes, clothes, jewelry, accessories) can be sent in for Jane or any other models to wear for your custom video.

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