Avoid Purchasing from Kate ‘Twisted British Kink’

January 12th, 2018

Just a heads up to anyone looking to purchase from Kate, she’s a known thief from MANY customers within this community. She’s down there with Sean. As some of you know, I had her contribute clips over the past 2 years and on top of that, I invested in some wardrobe for her as well as spent a lot of time giving her info on various things to help her out. Just like the previous individual she screwed over for much more than me, she just made up her mind that she was going to move on and took my money and ran. It’s okay, apparently she needed it so badly that she ruined an ongoing working relationship for that little amount…sounds like another piece of shit I used to know.
Look around on various forums and you’ll see the posts about her screwing other people over, it’s not pretty. I had no idea there was any type of issue between us. So I strongly urge you folks to avoid giving her any of your money.

3 thoughts on “Avoid Purchasing from Kate ‘Twisted British Kink’”

  1. Thanks, Shish, for the heads-up! Can I add AubreyAmbrosia to the list? I wish I would’ve had this kind of information earlier this year when I ordered something from her (a former model on this site I might add) I ordered a custom video from her in May 2017 and still have yet to see the results. Guess she needed the money more than me. A warning to others…..DO NOT PURCHASE ANYTHING from this chick! She will screw you over!

  2. Yes, Kate is certainly a crook. I also purchased a custom video from her a while back and she took my money and ran ($130!). She used to accept PayPal but only via gift payment which has no buyer protection. Now however, she only accepts payments for customs via bank wire transfer, bitcoin or Skrill – all have 0 buyer protection! Her Twisted British clips you can buy online are just there to draw people in to requesting customs from her, but once she’s got your money you’ll never get what you paid for! Avoid her like the plague, she gives this community a bad rep!

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