Customs with Brooke & Jane Available!

September 6th, 2018

They’re up for customs together again but this time, they’ll be using Brooke’s cars. Brooke has the 1951 Chevy, 1972 Chevy Nova and the 1976 Purple Chevy Laguna available for some types of pedal pumping clips. Remember, they are filming these themselves, so there is no 3rd person there to hold the camera. They have a couple of suction-cup mounts that can be attached to the windows to get some views as well as they can hold the camera themselves.

Jane is also taking customs with her cars, the Volvo and Mustang, indefinitely. She’ll be filming these by herself, so again, make sure your camera angles and scenes reflect her doing this solo.

You can visit their model pages to fill out the form.

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