Brooke & Jane Available for Solo Customs in Their Cars

September 13th, 2018

As you know, they’ve had a couple of shoots recently doing some custom videos together in each others cars that are available to them. Now, they’re available for solo-customs in the cars that they have available. It’s VERY IMPORTANT to read all the info that  is pre-filled in the boxes on the form. There is also additional information when you click on the ‘?’ for each section. It covers most of the questions I get about customs.

For these solo customs, keep in mind these things:
-Brooke will only be using Brooke’s cars and Jane will on be using Jane’s cars. So whatever cars are listed on the form, only that model can use them.
-Your scenario/script must account for each model doing the filming and acting. There is no other person there filming. Tripods, window-mounted hardware and hand-held scenes are the only options.
-Cars available will be constantly updated as cars might go down for repairs for indefinite periods of time. So if a car isn’t listed, it’s not available and I don’t know when it will be. So don’t ask when XX car will return.
-Feel free to use links to pics on our various social media pages for camera angles. You can insert a link in your scenario to describe how you want a particular portion to look.

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