Jane Domino & Jewels Taking Over PTP for the Summer!

May 25th, 2019

These two gals are going to take over the reigns this Summer in regards to filming content and customs. They are each getting a car or two to babysit. So they’ll be able to do customs for you folks in the car they are each babysitting. Whenever they are together and depending on which location they are at (Jane’s, Jewel’s or PTP HQ) will depend on which cars they can do customs in. So it’s important to note that if a car isn’t listed on a form, it’s not available for that shoot!

You guys that order customs will be talking directly with them when ordering these. I won’t have any part in scheduling, filming or working out the details. I’ll only handle the payment side of things. So keep that in mind when ordering, these two are going to be solely responsible for bringing your custom to life.

There will also be some new custom options available: 2-min clips, ‘Live’ option, expedited turnaround time on clips (for a fee) and some others. They’re still trying to figure out the options.

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