Jane Domino & Jewels Open for Customs

May 31st, 2019

They’ll be shooting here for a couple of days and then going to Jane’s moms to use the Mustang for a day or two starting June 9th. If you’d like a custom with one of them, send your script over to use by going to their page and filling out the custom video form.
If you want a script with both of them in the video, it would need to be written so that one films and interacts or with mounted cameras as it’ll just be them two doing everything.
Please follow Jane’s various social media accounts for updates or impromptu filming ideas:

You can also email them any questions you have about customs to:

Contacting them to get free shit, to chit-chat about their feet/toes or other pointless shit or to waste their time will get you blocked/banned from contacting them. Also, you leeches/losers/pirates/scammers/fraudsters are on a list and they’ll be checking it twice.

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