Jane & Jewels Available for Customs

May 3rd, 2020

I hope you folks are all still alive and well out there! I want to take a moment and thank everyone for the kickass support this past month! I know times are uncertain for many people and I’m so thankful for everyone who joined or renewed their account with us. Saw some names I hadn’t seen in a while, that’s always nice to see. I also appreciate the steady flow of custom work for myself and the couple of girls who took advantage of it. They are the ones doing most of the work and yes, some customs didn’t come out right the first time but it does take some practice to get into the flow of filming these things, so I appreciate the patience and understanding while we re-did a few of them to get them right.

Customs are still on for Jane and Jewels. Jewels is doing a slightly different setup at the moment. Instead of an automatic 10-day turnaround time for your custom, she’ll be waiting till she has 4 customs to do before coming out and shooting them. Please keep that in mind when ordering. I don’t expect it will add a significant time to the 10-days she had before but it could be a few weeks before you get your custom. We will keep you updated with progress so you’re not left wondering.

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  1. Thank you for providing us with awesome entertainment during these times!

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