Site News for ’22 – Price Increase, Store Coming Soon

Site News for ’22 – Price Increase, Store Coming Soon

January 1st, 2022

It’s been 10 years, to the day, since I last had to raise prices but I can not put it off any longer.  New prices are reflected on the ‘Join Now’ page. I wish it didn’t have to be done but we can only absorb so much of the increased cost of everything over these past 4-5 years. As before with our price increases, it’s only out of necessity to keep things going as they are and never just-because. I always try my best to make your memberships worth the money you spend.

If you currently have a recurring membership, your price will remain as-is until that recurring subscription is canceled either by you or if it fails to re-bill successfully. Once canceled, !!FOR ANY REASON!!, you will no longer have that lower monthly rate. You will have to resubscribe at the new, higher rate.

Custom videos will also have new pricing once I’m taking orders for them again. No info yet on when that will be.

Also, I’m hoping to have a store setup here where you can purchase custom videos and/or other videos individually. There are no plans to add any more clips into any of our Clips4Sale stores. Those clips will remain but no new videos will be added. So be on the lookout for our new store. I’m hoping to have it done by Spring, at the latest.

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