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1418 (Pedals) – April Lee Bouncing in Her Black Dress & Pumps Cranking the Volvo


Outfit & Shoes
Black dress like in video custom 1395 and black stiletto pumps.

**This is just the pedals view only.***
April enters the car from the driver’s side, there are 2 cameras, one that focuses on the shoes and pedals and one that focuses on the body, centered on the steering wheel, as per the Vivian 1359 face video shot. You must always see your body in large size and the pedals on the screen in small size. April begins to start the car but she will never start. of her begs the car to leave for her, she has to go on an important date with her boyfriend. she starts bouncing in the seat as she tries to start and you will see her boobs bouncing desperately for the duration of the video. during the video, 2/3 times, she notices that her boobs are coming out because they are bouncing too much and she adjusts the dressed so they don’t go out. After about 4 minutes, the camera of the pedals takes up April’s entire body from outside the car, passenger side, in front of April, so as to see her all bouncing as she tries to start the car.
the video ends with her getting out of the car whipped because she has to give up the appointment.

Length: 3:37

Resolution: 1920x1080

File Size: 295 MB


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