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1458 – April Lee Heads Gets Invited to a BBQ


Outfit & Shoes
Tank Top (Either red, orange, yellow, or pink)
Colorful Toms shoes or Vans slip on shoes without socks.

She is sitting on the couch with her right leg crossed over her left leg when she gets a call from a friend about a BBQ. She happily accepts the invitation, grabs her keys, and then heads out to her car. She gets into her car and starts it up. After starting it, she realizes that she is in the mood for a slushee. She makes a side trip to get the slushee, enjoys it, and then continues her trip to the BBQ. After she gets there, she waves hello to her friend and then gets out of the car to enjoy the BBQ.

I would like a full body shot of her when she is on the couch and when she goes to get her keys. I would then like a shot from her point of view as she walks towards her car. Once she is in her car, I would like a upper body shot while she is driving around, filmed from the passenger side window.

Length: 7:11

Resolution: 1920x1080

File Size: 627 MB


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