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0776 – Brooke Chauffeuring You in Red Stiletto Booties


Outfit & Shoes
Business attire with short skirt; black stockings/pantyhose preferred…if unavailable other color of stockings/pantyhose is ok; shoes can be either ankle boots…booties…or dress type shoes.

In this scenario Brooke is my driver for the day…the video begins with me sitting in the back seat on the passenger side or middle (whichever you think would give the best view) watching her as she gets in the drivers seat…as she starts the engine she gives it a few quick revs and we’re off to my destination…she begins driving normally and looks in the rear view mirror to check on me and notices me starting at her legs and pedal work…wanting to get a nice tip she asks if I like how she’s working those pedals…she also asks if I like her stockings as she pulls up her skirt to give me a better view as she caresses them the rest of the drive from time to time…she also caresses the pedals in a proactive manner from time to time giving me flirtatious looks as she does so…from the time she notices me looking down at her legs she begins driving more aggressively…taking off fast and flooring it when possible…when we get to my destination she puts it in park and gives it a quick revving show asking if I like how she let it know who’s in charge…I give her a nice tip and ask if she can let me hear the engine roar one last time as she pulls away…as I’m standing there she does so and floors it as she takes off.

Desired camera angles are full body shots as seen from the rear seat…face shots in the rear view mirror…leg and pedal shots…pip of the pedals from under seat or left side of footwell.

Could I also order a full screen view of the pedal view? Also wondering if it would be possible to use the rental car for this shoot? If not it’s ok…doesn’t necessarily have to be cadillac…just let me know…thank you.

Length: 16:49

Resolution: 1920x1080

File Size: 879mb


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