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1374 (HD-WMV) – Vivian Can’t Start the Car to Take the Kids to the Park


Outfit & Shoes
Natural hair and natural amount of make up, casual T-shirt with a light jacket, any pair of shorts, bare Legs and Timberland boots

Vivian is a single mother taking her young son and two of his friends to the park. She recently got her car a huge tuneup and doesn’t expect to have any issues for a long time.

The camera starts from the POV of the three kids in the back seat but towards the right side so we can see all of Vivian and her feet. Vivian gets in the car and cheerfully looks back and smiles at the kids, saying “Okay kids! Head count!
She makes sure all three of them are there and asks if they have their seat belts on. She can improvise some quick general conversation about going to the park before she tries to start the car. When she does, she turns the key and obviously it doesn’t start. She tries again and same thing. On the third attempt she begins to pump and any cheerfulness she had as they were getting ready is now gone. She starts panicking, saying things like “No no no! Not today!” and that she just got the car fixed. Her pumping style can be natural as long as she keeps her heel on the floor.

She tries to reassure the kids that everything will be fine and that the car’s just being “janky,” and with enough pumping it will start, telling the kids, “This clunker is no match for my foot.

As she continues cranking she’ll try to sweet talk the car, but she very quickly begins to lose her patience and starts cursing out the car. She apologizes to the kids and tries a more cheerful approach. She cheers on the car by saying “We got spirit yes we do! We got spirit how bout you? Go! Go Go! Go! Start! Start! Start!” and pumping the pedal to the beat.

Once again though she begins to lose her patience. At this point, the view now shifts from the back to the passenger’s seat, with focuses on Vivian and her feet. The rest of the video can pretty much be improvised, with Vivian cranking while constantly cursing and screaming at the car, with constant embarrassed apologies to the kids. She talks about how she doesn’t understand what’s wrong with the car, and that pumping usually always eventually works. She can continue to improvise dialogue the rest of the clip as long as she stays angry at the car while trying to comfort the kids.
She gets more and more angry and desperate to the point of near crying. Although at one point towards the end, she can tell the car “My boot is nonstop WORKING this pedal, and your janky ass can’t even TRY to go for me?!

When time is up and the video is coming to and end, Vivian is basically completely in tears. After her last try, she curses at the car one more time, and helplessly and apologetically tells the kids she needs to call a tow truck. The camera fades out with her getting out of the car.

Length: 11:12

Resolution: 1920x1080

File Size: 475 MB


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