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0899 – Dirty Diana’s Car Gets Sabotaged by Infatuated Neighbor


Outfit & Shoes
Sundress (or short casual skirt and top), tan high-heeled pumps (sz 10 ShoeDazzle pumps on flickr)

I (the camera man) am infatuated with Diana, who lives in the apartment downstairs from me. I watch her each and every day out my window as she comes and goes, hoping and praying that I’ll witness her struggling to start her old Monte Carlo……but it never happens.

-I (the camera man) decide to take matters into my own hands. [NOTE: Shoot this from the camera man’s perspective] I sneak downstairs and out to where her car is parked in the driveway. Making sure I’m not seen, I open the drivers-side door, pop the hood, unscrew the wingnut to the lid of the air cleaner and stuff a rag in the exposed carburetor. I (the camera man) make sure the rag is nice and tight in the barrels, then replace the air cleaner lid and quietly close the hood. For the full effect, I (the camera man) stick a hidden camera under the driver’s seat pointed at the gas pedal before closing the door and walking away. [NOTE: Camera fades out]

-[NOTE: Camera fades in from upstairs bedroom window] I (the camera man) am upstairs looking out the window, anxiously awaiting Diana to leave. All of a sudden, Diana appears as she’s walking towards her old Monte Carlo. [NOTE: Camera zooms in as Diana walks to her car] She’s wearing a sexy sundress (or skirt and top) and sexy tan high-heeled pumps. Diana gets in the Monte Carlo, checks her look in the mirror and attempts to start her car. The engine sputters, but refuses to start. Diana tries 3 or 4 more times, bouncing slightly in her seat as she pumps the gas pedal, but the engine continues to stall.

-[NOTE: Switch camera view to inside the car under the driver’s seat] Diana tries several more times to start her car. The hidden camera is focused on her tan high heels as they pump and hold the gas pedal to the floor. Diana can be heard in the background begging and pleading for her car to start (“C’mon, baby, why aren’t you starting?”……”You always start for me!”……”C’mon, please turn over for me!”……”I’m gonna be late if you don’t start!”)

-[NOTE: Switch camera view back to upstairs window] Diana tries a couple more times to start the car without success. She angrily bangs her hands on the steering wheel, then pops the hood and gets out of the car. [NOTE: Camera zooms in as Diana gets out, walks around to the front of the car and opens the hood] Diana bends over the engine compartment. She shifts from one foot to the other, poking and prodding at wires and hoses but doesn’t see anything wrong. Diana closes the hood and gets back in the car.

-[NOTE: Switch the camera view back to inside the car under the driver’s seat] The camera focuses on the gas pedal as Diana gets back in the car. Her pleading continues and her frustration mounts as she cranks the engine a few more times, pumping the gas pedal harder and harder as the engine still refuses to start.

-[NOTE: Switch the camera view one last time back to the upstairs window] I (the camera man) watch as Diana tries a couple more times to start her car. The sabotaged engine just refuses to cooperate. Diana finally gives up. She gets out, slams the car door and angrily stomps out of view.

Note to Diana – Feel free to add purse, jewelry, sunglasses, etc. to your outfit if you want
Note to ShisH – I’d like to do this video with a mix of ‘peeping Tom’ and ‘in the car’ camera shots….much like the video you did with Tinsley in her cheerleader outfit

Length: 10:11

Resolution: 1920x1080

File Size: 493 MB


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