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0864 – Fallonn Cranking the Coronet in Nude Pantyhose & Ballet Flats


Outfit & Shoes
I’d like her to wear a short skirt and a tight top. Any color. Let her put the outfit together. I’d like her to wear gray ballet flats and a nude colored panty hose.

It starts from the passenger side full body view.
She looks into the camera and says “Hey Scott. I’m going to try and get this car started for you. Now watch my foot in these pantyhose and flats work this pedal.” She starts cranking.
Stay with the full body for a minute and then to a waist down shot for another minute.
Then a close up panning across her foot for a minute.
We then look up from the footwear and she says “How does my sexy foot look from down there? It’s doing everything it can to get this thing started for you. Why don’t you get back down there and my foot will finish you off.” whilteh camera stays for another 30 seconds of close ups and the last minute goes to her pov.
A quick close up from there at the end showing her arch and ankle and we’re done.

I’d like her to use a heel toe style of pumping and for her to be aggressive. Really hit it and hold it down a bit. Pump fast and slow sometimes. A lot of pumping. Only stopping to say her lines. Have her beg and plead with it a bit. She can get a bit mad at it to. Hope she can do it. Cheers.

Length: 5:07

Resolution: 1920x1080

File Size: 217 MB


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