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1349 (Alternate) – Jane Domino Picking You Up From Birthday Party & Volvo Breaks Down


Outfit & Shoes
Sexy summer outfit with open mules, red toe nails and right ankle bracelet.

**This is the same scenario and scenes from the original clip but it’s different camera angles. See images.**
First 6 minutes back passenger seat camera. Then, when man enters front passenger seat mounted camera for remaining time.

We’re leaving a birthday party and I’m sitting in the back seat. Jane gets in the car and prepares to drive off. She knows it gives her a lot of trouble but she’s used to it. There are a lot of people outside at the party watching us. The car won’t start and Jane is embarrassed. She laughs and talks quietly to herself trying to start the car. She he car sputters a lot but it does not starts at all. She pumps in different ways, with all her leg and also with only her foot, bouncing just a little like a sexy mom.

She also talks to her boy trying to calm him a little and moves her head while cranking like if it is a game for him. She begs the car like “come honey, starts for your mommy“, “starts for my babe don’t do this now“.

After 7 minutes the father of one of the kids that are outside ask mom the battery dies and Jane asks a father of one of the kids for help and Jane invites him to enter in passenger seat and try to help her. After some more cranking attempts begging the car sexy way and being sooo embarrassed with the man inside the car, she takes out her mules and ask him if he likes her new red toe nails and bracelet because she thinks it is so sexy.
She continues cranking the car with some talks to the man explaining him all problems and embarrassed moments that she has. His kid is outside laughing because of the car not starting and she is embarrassed. She also continues trying to calm me and making some noises to calm me. She is embarrassed doing this in front of the man

I would like a sexy mom doing sexy bounce and begs to the car. Also distracted cranking with the man inside, talking to him while cranking and trying to be sexy mommy.

Length: 14:50

Resolution: 1920x1080

File Size: 660 MB


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