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1438 – Jane Domino Sexy Librarian Car Breaks Down Taking You to School


Outfit & Shoes
Jane should wear a dress or skirt that is appears conservative at first glance. However, it should be able to be unbuttoned or hiked up to reveal all of her legs. The black and white striped dress she wore in a recently posted (5/28/23) Camaro cranking video would be perfect – but I am NOT hung up on the dress; the main thing is to be able to see all of her legs when she opens it up or hikes it up.  Hopefully you are sitting down when you read this , I would love for her to wear pantyhose. Just plain old regular hose. The orange strapped wedge sandals she wore in that video would be great too. Her hair should be up in some sort of bun; think librarian.

Jane is back as the sexy but a bit nerdy school librarian. She is picking up Billy in her old Volvo to take him to school. As with the previous librarian videos, she is sexy but doesn’t know it so she acts very meek, innocent, and nerdy when her car gives her trouble.

Camera Angles, Action
The camera angle will be all from the POV of Billy riding in the passenger seat. The camera should get full body shots but also several close-ups of her bouncing thigh that I like as the video goes along and her student is watching her intently. Please be sure the seat is adjusted up pretty far so she can comfortably reach the pedals without stretching and we get good leg action. You know me well enough to know I love her bouncing thigh and that I don’t really have a foot fetish so I would not want any feet close-ups. Jane is a great pumper so she can just do her thing with full leg fast pumping (no ankle pumping) and some holding to the floor mixed in. She cranks it over for a long time each try. I have some dialogue in here, but you know I don’t get caught up in the exact wording, just so we get the idea.

Filming begins with Billy getting in the car from the back door of the house. Jane is saying something like how good it is to see him, asks if he is ready for school, etc. As Jane pulls down the driveway towards the road, the camera (Billy) keeps looking at her legs which are NOT showing very much at all, and then back at her face. Jane notices and embarrassingly says that she remembers but can’t do what he wants that close to the house. She reminds him he must keep it a secret. They continue down the driveway and just before they reach the road, the car “stalls” out.

She says very innocently something like: “Oh no. What could be wrong?” Before she tries restarting the car, she nonchalantly opens her dress / skirt or if it doesn’t have buttons or a slit, pulls it all the way up revealing all of her thighs (I would love for her to show as much leg as she is willing without having to change the video to an x rating ).   

She begins trying to start the car and it is quite a struggle. She cranks it over for several seconds at a time while pumping it hard and flooring it over and over. I would like some long cranking attempts with rapid pumping combined with flooring and holding. She knows Billy likes it but she is not playing up to him or teasing him directly. She acts embarrassed and apologetic saying things like “poo” and “fiddlesticks”. The camera is getting full body shots but also lots of close-up shots of her bouncing thigh as Billy can’t help himself.

She keeps this up until the car starts. She covers her legs most of the way back up and innocently says: “OK, whew. Finally, we are on our way,” as she looks and smiles at Billy.  

Length: 7:03

Resolution: 1920x1080

File Size: 620 MB


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