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0898 – Jane Domino Cranking the Bug To Move It for Workers


Outfit & Shoes
Daisy Dukes or very short shorts, 3/4 length shirt or blouse, bare legs. Colors not an issue. Strappy sandals.

It’s all about the legs. Power Company needs to do some work and they knock on door and ask Jane to move car.
It hasn’t been started in weeks but I’ll give it a try.” she says.

Next scene: Worker (Camera) walks up to passenger side of VW as she’s trying to start it. Important: Always hold clutch to the floor. When turning key to start, do a mix of pumping and holding to floor (long cranks) but when Jane stops turning key, KEEP PUMPING GAS!!! (Like it really needs to be primed.)

He says “Can I help you??
She says “I’m sorry..It’s been a couple of months since it’s been driven.” and she keeps trying it.

The SLOWER the cranking without killing the battery, the better. Passenger view with full body,leg shots and some driver shots.

Length: 4:55

Resolution: 1920x1080

File Size: 266 MB


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