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1343 (HD MP4) – Jane Domino in “I Overslept & Look Like a Hooch to Pick Up My Son”


Outfit & Shoes
It would be great if Jane could wear the same outfit she wore in the recent custom you just did for me in the Monte where the boyfriend played the trick on her (custom #1333) minus the jacket unless it’s cool out. Whatever she wears, it should include her cutoff, ass showing booty shorts and be super sexy from her night out. Since she has crashed out the house, she still has make-up on but her hair maybe a little disheveled.

Jane was out partying the night before and crashed at her friend’s house on the couch. The next morning the friend has gone and Jane’s car is not at the friend’s house. She is running late to pick up her son and has to take one of her friend’s old cars (the Monte) there. Then she has trouble with the car after she picks up her son.

Camera Angles, Action
The first part of the video will be filmed from the backseat and the passenger seat. From both locations the camera should get full body shots with some close-ups on her legs focusing on her bouncing thigh. As usual, I would not want any feet close-ups. For the second part I would love the camera to be mounted where it was for both of the “Great Flood” videos where we see her face and body but also as much of her thighs as possible.

Please move the seat up as close to the steering wheel as possible but where she can still get in and out easily and pump the pedal normally. The thought being it is not her car so the seat is adjusted for someone else and being in a hurry, she doesn’t take the time to mess with it.

The Monte should be rigged not to start at all or if it can be manipulated for long flooded cranks, that is OK. But I would rather have at least some long cranks rather than only short, flooded ones. Jane should start out with normal length cranks because she is expecting the car to start up. As the video goes along and it becomes apparent it doesn’t want to start, she should hold the key longer and longer and pump it harder and faster getting more worried as she is already late to pick up her son. Jane is a great pumper so she can just do her thing with full leg pumping (no ankle pumping) and some holding to the floor mixed in. I have some ideas for dialogue in here but she can ad lib most of this, just so we get a feel for what is happening.

The car should be parked down by the garage / carport area. Filming begins inside the house with Jane asleep on the couch where she had crashed (passed out) from the night before. She slowly wakes up and realizes she is there by herself. She fishes her phone out of her purse and notices the time. She panics a little realizing she is late to pick up her son from his sleepover, but she doesn’t have a car because she rode with her friend. She calls her friend to see if she can come back and get her. When she can’t, they come up with Jane borrowing the Monte. Jane thanks her, drops her phone back in her purse, slides on her sexy pumps, and hurries out the door as the camera fades.

The camera fades back in filming from the passenger seat as Jane hurriedly gets in the car, puts her purse in the floorboard, and finds the keys in the visor. She quickly begins trying to start the car. She starts out being a little timid with it but quickly her urgency builds and she begins pumping it harder and faster and pinning it to the floor as she cranks it over and over. The camera is getting full body shots but also some tight shots of her bouncing thighs.

About halfway through this first part. She decides to let the car sit for a minute to rest. She looks in the mirror and quickly tries to improve her look, pulling her hair back (maybe putting it into a ponytail) and muttering about how embarrassed she is to be late and having to pick up her son dressed like she is. The camera fades out.

It fades back in filming from the backseat this time as she tries again to start the car. There is no timidness this time as she is desperate because she is so late. She tries over and over, rapidly pumping the pedal, holding it down, pumping some more, not waiting to be later than she already is. She is urgently trying to get it started, holding the key over for sometimes long periods and pumping it rapidly, then holding it firmly to the floor. The camera is getting full body and leg shots from the backseat and several close-up bouncing thigh shots looking over the seat (you know what I like). Finally, to Jane’s relief, the car starts and the camera fades out as she puts the car in gear.

For the second segment, the car should be right next to the house by the back door with the driver’s side nearest the house. The camera should now be mounted like it was for both “Great Flood” videos. Filming starts as she is standing just outside the car, door open, holding the seat forward for her young son to get in. She is apologizing to him and to the sleepover hostess for being late. Thanking the hostess and apologizing profusely, she gets back in the car.

From here, Jane can adlib a little dialogue with her son like in some of her previous videos when she has picked him up from a play date. As she begins cranking the car, she embarrassingly tries to explain to him why she is not in her car. She tries over and over again, rapidly pumping the gas, holding it down, cranking it over and over and pumping it more. She should occasionally act like she is reassuring him (but don’t overdo it as she is concentrating on getting the car started ie don’t make “car noises” or anything).

About halfway through this second segment, it would be great if she then started having an imaginary conversation out the window with the sleepover hostess who has come back out to see what is wrong. Again, similar to previous videos she has done, she is more and more embarrassed as she is cranking the car and trying to explain that it isn’t her car and she isn’t sure what is wrong but she got it started before, etc. She continues trying to start the car, rapidly and desperately pumping the gas, not wanting to have to get out dressed like she is.

Finally, the car starts and she gets out of there as quickly as she can.

Length: 11:40

Resolution: 1920x1080

File Size: 950 MB


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